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Big bond roofing sheets are carefully manufactured and posses the following unique characteristics unparalleled to any in the industry to suit your request.


The materials used for manufacturing the product contain chemicals that are resistant to rust. Specifically, aluzinc coating of 80 to 100 mg, top paint thickness ranging from 15 to 20 micron, and back paint thickness of 5 to 7 micron, which is why its quality cannot be compromised.

Leakage Free

The product when installed on your building avoid any form of leakages because they are done by technically experienced men who apply mechanisms such as silicon sealant and do not pierce nail directly through the roofing sheet to prevent any chance of leaking, therefore it is always recommended to use our professionally trained installers on your project.

Cost Saving

Big bond roofing products is less expensive compared to the ceramic tiles which involve more wood, rubber felt, painting etc. and are also breakable. Beyond these are numerous advantages left unmentioned. In terms of comparative cost analysis, big bond roofing still prides itself as having the moderate prices in the competitive industry (real value for your money) and our delivery and installation time is among the best in the industry.

Payment Strategy

Big bond roofing proposes70 % down payment after which production of the sheets will be done. The remaining 30% shall be paid before delivery. Money to be paid in installment would be done by liaising with the client's bankers so as to deduct moneys due the company monthly. On the other hand, the client can sign a series of post dated cheque to be cashed monthly by the company. The company however would welcome any recommendation for payment in any other form apart from the aforementioned. Big bond roofing however reserves the right to accept or adjust your recommendation if it deems it fit.
Our services include:
Free estimate of roofing projects
Free technical advice on roofing works.
Free technical site supervision for roofing works.
Some Competitive Customers The Company Has
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Just to mention but a few

Roof Products

Our product comes with a highly formable quality material designed into different profiles such as: the IDT, IBR, STANDING SEAM OR STRIPS AND STEPTILES.

Roof Accessories

All our roofing sheets come along with the varying accessories in a myriad of colors to match.

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